BAMS Admission fees

BAMS Admission fees

BAMS Admission fees

BAMS admission fees packages are really affordable.The BAMS admission fees range between 11 lakhs to 20 lakhs for whole 5 years.According to CCIM India.The doctor with a BAMS degree holds same rights to practice as with a doctor having MBBS degree.According to the privileges in the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940, Rules 1945 Sec 2ee(iii), States have right to allow BAMS doctors seem to prescribe more irrationally as compared to MBBS doctors when comparative evaluation of MBBS and BAMS doctors prescription trends was carried out using World Health Organization Criteria.

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BAMS Admission fees

We will tell you package of some good  Ayurvedic colleges in Karnataka:-

    Atreya college, BANGALORE: -BAMS admission fees 15 lakh  for five years

  1. Sri Veer pul Keshi Ayurvedic college, BADAMI:- 14 lakh package for five years
  2. Ashwini medical college, TUMKUR:- 15 Lakh for five years.
  3. Indian institute of Ayurvedic medicine and research, BANGALORE:- 15 Lakh package for five years.
  4. Kalidas ayurvedic college: – BAMS Admission fees for Kalidas ayurvedic college is as a package 13 lakhs for the whole of five years.


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How we work

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  5. You can select the particular college within your budget limits from the list provided.
  6. After you select and decide the college, we will confirm the seat in that particular college.
  7. You can discuss with College Management regarding your admission and mode of payments.
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