MD MS admission in Nepal

MD MS Admission in Nepal

MD MS Admission in Nepal

MD MS Admission in Nepal. Today the scenario is that NEET has to be cleared in India to get md ms admission or pg medical admission in India. Suppose if a medical aspirant disqualifies in NEET. Then he/she can opt for Nepal. As for Nepal, I can say that it is very similar to the Indian medical syllabus. There many MCI recognized colleges in NEPAL. For MD MS admission in Nepal call +91-9905388952.

The  Medical College in Nepal offers Postgraduate Medical Courses (M.D./M.S.) in almost all the clinical and non-clinical subjects. The course outline for the Postgraduate programs in various subjects is strictly based on the curriculum of Tribhuvan University. Our Postgraduate degrees have wide recognition and acceptance which are highly valued for employment in medical institutions across the globe. For MD ms admission in Nepal call +91-9905388952.

PG medical admission in Nepal
Nepal Medical Colleges run various diploma programs at the pg medical located on the main campus. The medical campus has a multistoried academic building and a separate library building. The academic building houses, rooms for the faculty members, offices and lecture theaters. Get MD ms admission in Nepal call now at +91-9905388952.
Medical Education in Nepal
In Nepal, medical studies start at an undergraduate level. The program is of five and half years duration. There are three main medical bodies in Nepal – Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences and Apex regulation body is the Nepal Medical Council. The first two years of studies are called “Basic Sciences” followed by two and a half years of “clinical sciences” and one year of internship. After the successful completion of this course, a student is awarded Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) degree.

The advantages of getting MD MS ADMISSION IN Nepal

  • Pleasant weather
  • Hindi and English Speaking region
  • Curriculum very similar to MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • NO Visa required for INDIANS
  • Food habits, lifestyles, culture, religion, festivals similar as in India
  • Very high quality of medical education
  • Very Economical in comparison to India
  • The food
  • The cultural background of Nepal is very similar to India.
  • Most of the colleges in Nepal which have medical courses (M.B.B.S)in their colleges are MCI recognized.
  • Nepal is our neighbour country, which touches the border of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. So travelling is very convenient for Nepal.
  • Overall in my perspective, Nepal is the best substitution to India If the medical aspirants are really serious in pursuing their PG medical course in Nepal.

PG medical MD/MS admission in Bp koirala.

  • B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan
  • Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu

We provide MD ms admission in bp Koirala. BP Koirala is the topmost college in Asia. BP Koirala is at par of any private colleges of India. Bp Koirala is a medical college that is governed by AIIMS Delhi. The MD ms admission in BP Koirala.

We provide md ms admission in BP Koirala on MCI Recognized colleges. Let us discuss md ms admission in BP Koirala, Postgraduate programs (MD, MS, and MSc) were started in 1999. All the MD, MS, MDS, MSc and MPH degrees awarded by BPKIHS are recognized by Nepal Medical Council and respective councils of Nepal.

The MD/MS degrees (anesthesiology, clinical pharmacology & therapeutics, dermatology and venerology, ENT, internal medicine, orthopaedics, paediatrics, psychiatry, radiodiagnosis, and surgery) are recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).

Similarly, there is the continued effort for getting MCI recognition of other disciplines as well. While selecting candidates for MD/MS/MDS postgraduate studies, the institute has given due recognition to the medical graduates who have served in the primary health centres and /or district hospitals.

Hence lastly I would like to conclude that after all the discussion above, md ms admission in B.P Koirala, On MCI Recognized seats in India. For smoother discussion for md ms admission in BP Koirala call 9905388952 . Get 100 % admission assistance for BP Koirala admission in 

Bp Koirala is the medical colleges situated in the cleanest city of Nepal i.e Dharan.

These two colleges in Nepal are only colleges which are MCI recognized for MD ms admission in Nepal. Any other college which provides MD MS admission in Nepal other than these two is not MCI recognized.

For MD MS Admission in Nepal call +91-9916439069. also read our article on PG medical admission without Neet Nepal


  • MBBS or equivalent medical degree and who have completed one year of internship.
  • Registered with Medical Council in their state/country.

Some general trivia about MD MS Admission in Nepal 2021:-

  1. Neet 2019 is not mandatory to take admission in PG Medical courses in Nepal in the year 2019.
  2. There two colleges in which all branches for MD MS is recognized by Medical Council of India(MCI)
  3. MCI recognized medical colleges are B.P Koirala and the Institute of Medicine(IOM).
  4. Both the colleges provide a stipend amount of around Sixty thousand(60,000) INR. This stipend amount is very much handsome compared to  Indian medical colleges.
  5. We provide Through-out guidance until the final admission is done for MD MS courses in NEPAL.

MD MS Admission in Nepal process.

Admission Process of  BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan for pg medical

BP Koirala conducts a separate Entrance Exam for MD MS admission in Nepal. Students including Indians must appear and qualify in this exam to get admission in this College. Qualifying marks are 50%. The seat is allotted according to Rank Secured in this Entrance Test. This entrance exam is conducted in the month of May.

 Admission Process of  Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu

Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducts a separate Entrance Exam for MD Ms admission in Nepal. Students including Indians must appear and qualify in this exam to get admission in this College. Qualifying marks are 50%. The seat is allotted according to Rank Secured in this Entrance Test. This entrance exam is conducted in the month of March.

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For MD MS Admission Nepal call

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We wish you all a great success ahead in your medical career. Stay focussed god bless you all.


Gaurav Raj, MD MS Admission Nepal

MD MS Admission in B.P Koirala:-

  • The exam is of 200 marks out of which student has to score 100 marks

Now Let Us Discuss The Seats Pg medical seats for Indian Students available in Nepal for MD MS Admission in B.P Koirala

  1. MD Pharmacology:- 1 seat (Total seats-6).
  2. MD Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine:- 4 Seats (Total Seat 11).
  3. MD Dermatology and STD:-2 Seats (Total 6 seats)
  4. MD Gynecology and Obstetrics:-2 Seats (Total seats 10).
  5. MD Internal Medicine:- 3 Seats (Total Seats 5).
  6. MS Orthopaedics:-  2 Seats (Total Seats 11).
  7. MS Ortrorhinology, Head and Neck Surgery:- 2 Seats (Total 4 seats)
  8. MD Pediatrics:- 3 Seats (Total 5 Seats).
  9. MD Psychiatry:- 2 seats (Total 6 seats).
  10. Radiodiagnosis and Imaging:- 1 Seat (Total 5 seats).
  11. MS General Surgery:- 4 Seats (Total 6 seats).

Note:- All the PG medical Seats mentioned Above are MCI Recognized for MD MS Admission in Nepal in B.P KOIRALA INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES.