Diploma in gynecology

Diploma in gynecology

Hi folks well diploma in gynecology and obstetrics is the branch which deals with Genital problems in women and girl.We provide a diploma in gynecology admission in India’s top private college at the best package.For admission in diploma in gynecology or DGO Call us on :– 9905388952

This program prepares medical faculty in specialty associated with discipline of obstetrics and gynecology. The aforesaid program coupled with clinical training enables the practicing graduand to be dexterous at the surgical management of the entire scope of clinical pathology pertaining to female reproductive organs and provide care for both non-pregnant and pregnant patients. Gynecology and obstetrics relate to the study of female reproductive organs in pregnant and non-pregnant condition. Gynecology syllabus includes though not restrained to obstetrics pathology, pregnancy related common diseases, abnormalties during pregnancies, gynecological pathology, obstetrical operations, infant care, breastfeeding and artificial feeding, premature child treatment, general diseases of newborns, labour  complications and so on. The program incorporates scope for research study of clinical and surgical training in gynaecology.

Diploma In Gynaecology and DGO.

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