Diploma in ophthalmology

Diploma In Ophthalmology

Diploma In Ophthalmology

Well Ophthalmology is a branch which branch which deals with Disorders in the eyes and Neuro muscular tissues connecting brains and eyes.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Ophthalmology builds on medical and surgical concepts learned in anatomy, physiology and ophthalmic diseases during the graduate degrees. Ophthalmology proposes to avert blindness, ascertain ocular health and rehabilitate patients with visual imparity. The program pertains to but is not limited to the study in ocular anatomy, physiology, optics, genetics, pathology, practical ophthalmic science. As demanded by most of the postgraduate diploma courses, they are expected to be capable of practicing at the secondary and tertiary level of the health care delivery system by the time of completion of the program. Postgraduate program generally demands self-directed study methodologies and necessitates gaining knowlegde emanating from clinical and academic work. Basic expertise in teaching and training the specialty are also essential.We provide admission in diploma in ophthalmology at best packages in India.

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