CPS Admission 2021

CPS Admission 2021

Do You Want to take CPS Admission 2021?

  • Low marks in Neet PG 2021? Choose to take CPS Admission 2021.
  • CPS MAHARASHTRA is a self Governing Body recognized by NMC.
  • CPS stands for “College of physicians and surgeons”. The head office of CPS is in Mumbai. For CPS Admission 2021 call 9905388952.
  • It is an authorized organization that promotes specialized postgraduate medical training. There are 3 options for a student after MBBS. 1st is MD MS, 2nd is DNB, 3rd is CPS or FCPS.
  • CPS is a 2 years diploma course after MBBS which is NMC (National Medical Council) recognized course. It is recognized by the state medical council. In Maharashtra, it is recognized by Maharashtra Medical Council. CPS consists of many postgraduate diploma courses of which 3 of them are recognized by the National Medical Council (NMC) and the rest are state-recognized courses.
  • There is a simple difference between the NMC recognized course and the only State recognized course. When a doctor does NMC recognized course, he can practice anywhere all over India but in the rest, can only practice in the state where he has studied the course. The NEET cut-off fluctuates according to many factors as the merit of a student, or vacancy left for the course. 

Hence, the CPS and FCPS course and their different courses are into existence to avoid uneducated doctors and unaffordable budgets. Every MBBS student must be having a good qualification and therefore, a different set, of course, criteria and recognition is systemized accordingly.


  1. DGO (Diploma in gynecology and obstetrics)
  2. DCH (Diploma in child health)
  3. DPB (Diploma in pathology and bacteriology)
  4. DDV (Diploma in dermatology and venereology)
  5. DA (Diploma in anesthesia)
  6. DORL (Diploma in oto-rhino-laryngology)
  7. ORTHO (Diploma in orthopedics)
  8. DPM (Diploma in psychological medicine)
  9. DMRE (Diploma in medical radiology and Electrology)
  10. TDD (Diploma in tuberculosis diseases)
  11. DFP (Diploma in family planning)
  12. DPH (Diploma in public health)
  13. DTM (Diploma in transfusion medicine)
  14. DTMH (Diploma in tropical medicine and health)
  15. DOMS (Diploma in ophthalmic medicine and surgery)

DGO (Diploma in gynecology and obstetrics), DCH (Diploma in child health), and DPB (Diploma in pathology and bacteriology) are recognized by National Medical Council (NMC) and the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC). The rest of the diploma courses are just affiliated to MMC and not NMC.

What is The Process for CPS Admission 2021?


  • The first and foremost step to admission for CPS Maharashtra is that the candidate should appear for NEET (National Eligibility cm Entrance Test). 
  • The seats for diploma courses are filled according to the counseling process by CPS Maharashtra.
  • The admission process details are published by CPS Maharashtra at a particular time.
  • All the revised information about the procedure, fee structure, timeline, and registration process are detailed in the brochure of CPS Maharashtra.
  • The CPS Maharashtra brochure instructs the whole admission process as the cut-off fluctuates.


  • A student must be an MBBS graduate from NMC (National Medical Council) recognized institute. This is the basic need for admission.
  • A candidate must possess the permanent registration certificate given by the state council.
  • A candidate must hold 4 CPS recognized stipendiary resident posts in the main subject for the CPS diploma course. He/she must be paid at least 15,000 rupees/month as a stipend for the first year and 20,000 rupees for the second year of the course. He/she must pay 5000/month to the institution for the accommodation.
  • Students must enroll themselves for the course as per the time limit or else it can lead to cancellation of admission. The enrolment procedure is defined in the CPS brochure.
  • A student gets the appointment letter after selection. He/she must abide by the rules and regulations as per the instructions of the institution.
  • 80% attendance of a student is mandatory for the CPS lectures.
  • A student must pay an extra fee for the extra lecture. Rupees 150 is the standard rate of 1 extra lecture.
  • Candidates must complete the online training program as per the time period.
  • A period of CPS diploma course must be completed in 24 months along with the attendance criteria.
  • In case of any complication or mishap, the responsibility goes to the whole unit or the institution on a larger scale.
  • The institution should ensure that the student is sufficiently covered by professional Indemnity Insurance. The student shall bear the cost.
  • There will be no change or transfer of course after any request after the allotment is done. This shall not be entertained at any cost by CPS.
  • A student must have all the necessary documents which are needed while the time of admission or any other procedure further.


The Top institution for CPS Admission 2021 are:- 

  1. Adiya Birla Memorial Hospital (Pune)
  2. Sachin Kamble Orthopaedic and Sainath Hospital (Pune)
  3. National Institute of Opthalmology (Pune)
  4. Hardikar Hospital (Pune)
  5. Shri Seva Medical Foundation (Satara)
  6. Sanjeevan Multiplicity Hospital (Yavatmal)
  7. Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Science (Wardha)
  8. Shri Gurudatta Charitable Foundation (Dhule)
  9. Parker Medical Foundation Hospital (Ratnagiri)
  10. Ashwini Rural Medical College and Research (Solapur)
  11. Patki Research Hospital (Kolhapur)
  12. Rotary Eye Hospital (Nashik)
  13. Lata Mangeshkar Hospital (Nagpur)
  14. Jivraj Hospital (Baramati)
  15. Lifeline Hospital (Navi Mumbai)
  16. Masina Hospital (Mumbai)
  17. K.J Somaiya Medical College (Mumbai)
  18. Nanavati Hospital (Mumbai)
  19. Sanjeevni Children Hospital (Aurangabad)
  20. MGM MCRI Hospital (Aurangabad).