BHMS Admission

Direct BHMS Admission

How to get Direct  BHMS Admission?

Bachelor of homeopathy medicine and surgery (BHMS Admission). Direct admissions into BHMS Courses. Homeopathy is an alternative health science that treats patients with small amounts of homeopathic medicines.  Direct admission in Bhms is Possible in Some States. In the year 2021, Some states take their own entrance test. The unique feature of homeopathic medicines is that these medicines in larger diseases can cause the same disease in healthy people, but in smaller amounts, these medicines cure the same disease in unhealthy people. Homeopathy is an alternative curing methodology with no side effects. It cures people of their root diseases. With regard to old Naturopathy techniques, it keeps its position in modern curing methods. For Direct BHMS Admission call +91-8904650533.

  • Homeopathic curing Techniques are without any side-effects. The homeopathic medicines cure their disease through the roots. Thus homeopathic methods cure the Disease permanently. To be a master in Homeopathic treatment.
  • Firstly, you have to complete your BHMS degree. Thus we provide Direct bhms admission without Neet in Bangalore, Karnataka.
  • After Completing the BHMS degree you can do specialization by pursuing MD in Homeopathic.
  • We will help you to get  Admission in Top Private Homeopathic Colleges.
  • The fee structure that we provide for BHMS course is low compared to others.
  • We have very good connections with college management. So we confirmed the guarantee of getting admission in BHMS.

What is the process for Admission in BHMS?

BHMS course is designed in such a way to help the students learn homeopathy and can able to practice homeopathic medicines independently.

Minimum qualification/Eligibility

  • The qualification for the course is 10+2 Science with a minimum of 50 % plus physics, chemistry, and biology subjects or equivalent.
  • The minimum age limit is 17 years.
  • The direct BHMS Admission is possible in states like Karnataka.
  • Some states like Maharashtra take admission through Neet only. The states where Neet UG 2021 is compulsory. There the candidates have to be eligible in Neet.

Bachelor of homeopathic and medical surgery call +91-8904650533.

What is in there BHMS Course?

BHMS is also the most reputed alternative medicine of allopathy. The course is for 5 and a half years. The study is for 4 and a half years. One year internship is compulsory. Thus now I will discuss the course content.

First-year of BHMS:-

1: Organon of Medicine, Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy and Psychology

2: Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology

3: Physiology including Biochemistry

4: Homeopathic Pharmacy

5: Homeopathic Materia Medical

Second Year BHMS:

1: Pathology and Microbiology including Parasitology Bacteriology and Virology

2: Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

3: Organon of Medicine and Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy

4: Homoeopathic Material Medical 5: Surgery including ENT, Eye Dental and Homeo Therapeutics

6: Obstetrics & Gynaecology Infant care and Homeo Therapeutics

7: Practice of Medicine and Homeo Therapeutics

Third Year Of BHMS:-

1: Practice of Medicine and Homeo Therapeutics

2: Surgery including ENT, Ophthalmology & dental & Homeo Therapeutics

3: Obstetrics & Gynaecology Infant care & Homeo Therapeutics

4: Homeopathic Materia Medical

5: Organon of Medicine

Fourth Year of BHMS:-

1: Practice of Medicine & Homeo Therapeutics

2: Homeopathic Materia Medical

3: Organon of Medicine

4: Repertory

5: Community Medicine

Why you Should Take Admission in BHMS?

  1. Well, Reputed Doctorate Degree.
  2. The BHMS degree makes you Self-Dependent.
  3. You can earn according to your skill, Open your Personal Clinic or Practice in super specialty homeopathic hospitals.
  4. The second famous alternative of Allopathy is homeopathy.
  5. You can Settle in Germany also as there is high demand of Homeopathic Doctors.
What are the top colleges for BHMS Admission?

Some of the top colleges for BHMS Admission are:-

  1. Rosy Royale homeopathic college, Bangalore.
  2. Nemenath Homeopathic college, Agra.
  3. Bharati Vidyapeeth Homeopathic college, Pune.
  4. D.Y Patil Homeopathic college, Pune.
  5. Parul University,Vadodra

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